Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who the hell do these people think they are?

Is there any affront to decency by the State that comes close to the recent practice of making felons (warning Salon link) of people who use their phone cams to make recordings of police doing their thing in public? Is there any way to construe these laws, any interpretation at all, as anything other than a naked power grab? What possible reason could anyone have for making these laws, other than to defend police who break the law? And how are the police breaking the law? By beating up and tasing and pepper-spraying and otherwise brutalizing the citizenry, when the latter object to the criminality and incompetence of their rulers. Who coincidentally are the ones inventing this new right that police have, to do pretty much whatever they want in the expectation that they can throw into jail anyone who raises a stink. Because you can't raise a stink without evidence, and this shit is all about making it impossible for anyone to have any evidence about the police that was not issued by the police.

All of the crap in the PATRIOT and Military Commissions Acts pales in comparison to this, because these repressive powers are actually being used to, you know, repress people. Which illustrates the point people were making a few months back when Naomi Wolf published her squawk about the Feds coordinating a crackdown on OWS. In point of fact, repression in America generally isn't a top-down project where the Feds give marching orders and State and local cops carry them out. In any given county or State, the repression gets organized by the guys who own the place, and those people have no shortage of imagination when it comes to figuring out how to use the power of the law to screw people over.

This is the Owner Class at work protecting its interests, and incidentally showing its willingness to piss straight into the face of any concept of actual liberty for actual people (because, you know, the Constitution does not specifically enumerate a right to use your iPhone to make a video of a cop beating the shit out of somebody for no reason, so nobody has that right).

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