Monday, January 9, 2012

Obama Republicans, Ch II

Greg Sargent points to a lengthy Reuters article detailing the incompetence and crookedness of Romney's Bain Capital in managing a steel plant in Kansas City. By the time the plant closed, the pension fund was in such bad shape that it required a Federal bailout, and the workers (in addition to losing their jobs) got screwed out of severance pay and insurance. Sargent also had a chat with one of the guys in this video:

I reached Wells today, and unlike Box, he tells me he’s a conservative, who has switched back and forth from Republican to independent, and says he voted for George W. Bush for president in 2000 and 2004 and John McCain in 2008. (He has also supported Claire McCaskill for Senate.) Yet despite his leanings, he was willing to conspire with MoveOn to produce this video, which is a pretty good preview of the sort of thing you’ll be seeing in ads in struggling Rust Belt communities against Romney, should he become the GOP nominee.


“Right now, if Romney gets in, I am so disgusted that I will probably vote for Obama and I detest him,” Wells says. “Anyone who is willing to put a predatory capitalist in office deserves to get Obama.”

I'm not sure how much sense I can make of that last sentence, but that's somewhat beside the point, which is this: we have in Wells a guy who'd quaffed deeply enough of the Republican Kool-Aid that even after two terms of Bush II he still hadn't had enough reaming, who is now saying "no more please." If Wells is representative of anything, a worm is finally turning long after first being trodden upon.

Via, where Cole expresses my feelings about Romney perfectly.

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