Thursday, January 19, 2012

Final Proof: Iowa Caucuses Are Irrelevant

The Washington Post reports that Mitt Romney isn't the winner of the Iowa Caucuses after all. I will dispense with any hair-pulling about whether Mittens would have done as well in NH without the Iowa "win," and just note that Iowa GOP wheel Chad Olsen pretty much gives away the game with the line
Asked who actually won the primary, Olsen told the Register: “It’s a split decision.”

Except there are no "split decisions" when there's actually money on the table. Let's remember that quote the next time the contest is between a Democrat and a Republican, and the Republican is down by .005% of the vote and won't quit trying to find specious challenges to the total. There's probably a rich vein of irony to be mined here, if anyone could be bothered. I'd be happy if this turn helps convince people that what voters in Iowa (and NH) think in January doesn't really matter that much.

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