Sunday, January 15, 2012

At a loss for words

The NYT's A.G. Sulzberger seems intent on proving the truth of every stereotype about New Yorkers, vegetarians, and the beneficiaries of nepotism(1) in his cri du coeur of a few days back, lamenting the dietary barbarism of Midwesterners. Seriously, I started reading the piece prepared to be entertained and maybe even educated a bit, having in recent years switched from obligate carnivore to sometime eater of vegetarian meals myself. It did not take Mr. Sulzberger long to disabuse me of those notions, with remarks like
It should be stated right up front that the Midwest, with its rich culture, stark natural beauty and superlative decency, quickly defies stereotypes. Living in the middle of the country is very different from living in the middle of nowhere.
Seriously, do rich New Yorkers send their kids to schools that have special classes to teach tone-deaf condescension? I didn't make it much further than that, because reading further would clearly have been the time-management equivalent of throwing good money after bad.

(1) Why is there no noun for this? Nepot seems to mean just "descendant," from the Latin for "nephew."

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