Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Obama Republicans

OK, so I am going to make my first 2012 Presidential election prediction. If, as they appear to be dead-set on doing, the Republicans manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of the victory you'd expect them to win (judging from the state of the economy and the listlessness of the Administration in doing anything about it) on November 7 et.seq. there will be a lot of ink spilled about the "Obama Republicans" who made the President's re-election happen.

I base this prediction on the conversations I had with various relatives over the last few days. These are educated people of the asset-owning class, who probably never have voted for a Democrat for any office, ever. I guess they're what you'd call "country-club Republicans," not the guys my Grandpa used to bitch about ("The trouble with this country is that there's too many people who think they're Republicans as soon as they get two $10 bills to rub together." Adjusting for inflation they'd have to be Benjamins these days, but he had the principle down pat.) Some of these people first marked a ballot for Herbert Hoover, and they have not chosen a D since. They all say they're voting for Obama.

I post this now with no further analysis, just to note the phenomenon and establish priority for my prediction, if things do work out that way. I did try googling the exact phrase "Obama Republican" and the only thing that came close to meaning what I had in mind was the link to this Wikipedia page about a few thousand voters in 2008.

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